Potato Cheese Croquettes

Potato and Cheese Croquettes
If you're looking for the best appetizer to be the star of your next party, believe me, these potato cheese croquettes are your perfect choice. Just imagine, how to prepare something that will amaze your guests and make them ask for the recipe over and over again? Well, with this recipe, you'll achieve that, that's

Coffee Flan

coffee flan
Today, we're going to make a coffee flan, a delicious homemade dessert that's very easy to make and turns out super creamy. I adore flans of any flavor, but I must confess that coffee is one of my favorites. If you haven't tried it yet, this is definitely your sign to do so as soon

Chicken Salad

chicken salad
With this delicious and refreshing chicken salad, I can guarantee you that your summer days will be even more pleasurable. Every time we start a new season, I always get excited thinking about preparing recipes that are perfect for each season. Right now, due to the high temperatures, there’s nothing better than enjoying fresh dishes,

Moros y Cristianos

moros y cristianos
Moros y cristianos es another culinary tradition that hails from the influence of the Spanish in Cuba. Oftentimes it is confused with arroz congrí, since the names of these recipes change based on regions, but this is incorrect. The fact that it is called moros y cristianos or congrí doesn’t have anything to do with

Rice with Pork

rice with pork
This rice with pork recipe cannot be missed in your cookbook, because it’s perfect to enjoy a simple and fast but quite delicious meal. There is no possible way you can fail when preparing this recipe. The combination of the rice with the pork is simply an explosion of flavor and texture. In Cuba and


If you are somebody who doesn’t like lentils, after you try this recipe you will surely change your mind. Lentils are vegetables rich in iron, very nutritious, perfect to include with frequency in the diets of children and adults. Its preparation is very easy, so it won’t be bothersome for you to prepare them at


Although lasagna is not a typical Cuban recipe, it’s a dish we enjoy frequently and that we are fascinated by. For this reason, it has come to our minds to propose to you on this occasion an easy homemade lasagna recipe so you can enjoy it anytime you’d like. We can assure you it’s mouthwatering

Natural Yogurt

natural yogurt
Would you like to know how to make natural yogurt in an easy way? The truth is that this is a simple recipe that doesn’t need too much ingredients. From now on, we won’t ever need to worry that we’re running out of yogurt and we need to buy more because now we can make

Cremitas de Leche

cremitas de leche receta
Cremitas de leche is one of the Cuban baking delights we can’t resist but to taste. It’s said its popularity was born in Camagüey province and the town of Cascorro the best cremitas de leche in all of Cuba are made. Nevertheless, it’s enjoyed with such a pleasure everywhere in the country by children and

Okra Rice

Okra rice
Prepare this delicious and simple okra rice recipe, a different way to enjoy both of these ingredients. It has a great aroma and its flavor won’t let you down, so if you love this vegetable you can’t miss today’s recipe. It’s ideal to have it either at lunch or dinner, accompanied by a fresh salad,

Cuban Rice

arroz a la cubana
Cuban rice is quite a simple recipe, well known and tasted worldwide. Although, inside of Cuba it is not usually called this way, it’s better known as rice with egg and a ripe plantain. In spite of being a typical dish of Cuban gastronomy, this rice is had traditionally in the Spanish region of the

Tamale Casserole

Tamale Casserole
What Cuban person hasn’t tried an exquisite tamale Casserole? Without blinking we can say that this is one of the homemade recipes we like to prepare the most. We can even declare ourselves addicted to all the delicacies derived from corn. This ingredient is part of multiple homemade delicacies that we consume year after year

Shrimp and Rice

Shrimp and Rice
Shrimp and Rice is a perfect dish to enjoy an easy and delicious recipe. It’s always good to have recipes like this on hand to be able to mix things up a bit and get out of the weekly routine, surprising your family in the process. In Cuba, like in all Latin American and Caribbean

Dulce de leche

dulce de leche
Who doesn't like dulce de leche? Children, young people, adults, we all like it, and even more than that, it makes us crazy every time we try it or hear it mentioned. This is a truly exquisite traditional dessert; it is very versatile and enjoyed everywhere in the world. Many may know it as a


The boniatillo recipe is one of the most traditional in Cuba, being a cheap and easy-to-make dessert. Although it has some variants, its base is sweet potatos and sugar, two ingredients that cannot be missed. Some people add honey; others accompany it with grated coconut and some with white cheese, but always using the basic

Guava Jam

mermelada de guayaba
Today we propose you to make this homemade recipe of super delicious and very easy-to-make guava jam. The guava is a tropical fruit that we enjoy most of the year in Cuba, its slightly acidic sweet taste makes it perfect for preparing many pastry recipes. On this occasion we will make a Cuban classic, the


Today we show you the homemade recipe to make delicious and crispy churros in a very short time. In many countries, they are part of a traditional breakfast; their sweet taste with hot chocolate is the perfect combination to start a good day. But you can also eat them as a snack or stuff them

Meatball Soup

sopa de albondigas
Meatball soup is a light and very easy to make dish, so if you do not know how to prepare it, we will tell you here everything you will need to make it. There are many versions of this recipe, some of them add vegetables, others are simpler, similar to a broth and there are

Stuffed Peppers

pimientos rellenos
The stuffed peppers recipe is one of the most popular vegetable dishes in the world; it is also very versatile. Its preparation has infinite adaptations, almost always corresponding to the culinary culture of the region where it is made. Its flavor is exquisite, perfect for any occasion and time of the year, no matter what

Rabo Encendido

Another one of the most-consumed dishes in Cuba is Rabo encendido, which is why we’re including it here on our most-traditional list. Although it is said that it comes from the Iberian Peninsula, it became very popular on the Island since the arrival of the Spanish. Because of this, our recipe has a bit of

Pumpkin Flan

Pumpkin flan
If you love desserts, certainly you will love this Cuban pumpkin flan recipe. This is another one of the crème caramels we traditionally prepare here on the Island, and it is delicious and very easy to make. Take a look at these kitchen utensils which may be very helpful for this and other recipes. Ahorras $1.00 Imusa

Stuffed potatoes

Stuffed potatoes
The stuffed potatoes is a recipe we love preparing; its flavor is divine, so it’s impossible to resist the temptation to taste it. In Cuba, if all the needed ingredients are at hand, it will surely be prepared by anyone so that this dish can be enjoyed in the company of family. How to prepare

BBQ chicken

bbq chicken
This delicious bbq chicken recipe is a Cuban classic, and one of our favorite dishes. It is very easy to make and the flavor you get from the mixture of its ingredients is an explosion of delight. Without a doubt, this recipe is one of the best choices if you want to serve a creole-style


Remembering another of our favorite and traditional recipes, today we present the delicious Cuban mazamorra. Like we have said on other occasions, Cubans like all kinds of preparations, including corn, among their ingredients due to its sweet flavor and because we can prepare a great number of dishes using it. Mazamorra, without a doubt, is

Chicken Soup

chicken soup
This Cuban chicken soup recipe is quite creole, delicious and very easy-to-make; this is the reason we like making it as much as possible. So we can frequently enjoy the delicious flavor resulting from the mixture of all its ingredientes. There are two popular proverbs that say: “con un buen caldo de pollo se quita

Yuca with Mojo

cuban yuca with mojo recipe
Cubans love having yuca with mojo, especially on special days such as the holidays at the end of the year. It is the essential and perfect accompaniment to any dish with a Caribbean style and spirit. Yuca is very common on the Island, that is why it is not a problem to get it and

Shrimp Soup

shrimp soup
Shrimp soup is one of the best options if you want to enjoy something hot, light and, at the same time, full of nutrients. Its preparation is very simple, but its taste is marvelous for our palate. In Cuba, shrimp soup had its peak since colonial times when the Spanish and aborigines enjoyed this dish.

Shrimp Cocktail

shrimp cocktail
The shrimp cocktail recipe is another one of our favorites when it comes to enjoying a delicious, quick and easy-to-make snack. The origin of this dish comes from 1941 in a club in Boston, United States. The mixture of flavors became so successful that it spread quickly to other regions in the States. Years later,

Chicken Croquettes

chicken croquettes
The chicken croquettes recipe we bring you today is very delicious and easy-to-make, perfect to enjoy with the entire family. You can have them with any dish you would like because they are perfect to have with a variety of food, and also you can have them as a snack. Their texture is crunchy on

Chickpea Stew

chickpea stew
Who doesn´t like to enjoy a delightful chickpea stew like the one we make in Cuba? This recipe is a delicacy and is part of our gastronomy; furthermore, it is very easy to make. Chickpeas are a great source of vegetable protein, one of the most important staple nutrients we can include in our diet.

Chocolate Custard

natilla de chocolate
This chocolate custard recipe is another classic of Cuban baking. It is made with just a few ingredients and in the blink of an eye. Although the original recipe that the Spanish brought to the island is made with eggs, milk and sugar, the version we have made of this dish is far simpler. The

Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin puree
To prepare a rich pumpkin puree is simpler than it seems, it is also a healthy recipe that we can taste in any schedule. The pumpkin is one of the most common vegetables in Cuba and with the one we prepare a great variety of delicious recipes. From a rich pumpkin flan until a flavorful

PAPAYA in Syrup

The papaya in syrup is other of the delicacies that we can make easily in Cuba. It is also  part of our gastronomic tradition, so that is very common to get to any home and feel the agreeable aroma of this sweet as soon as we cross the door. The papaya is a tropical fruit

Green Plantain Fufu

fufu de platano cubano
The green plantain Fufu is one of the simplest Cuban recipes, economical and that perfectly combines with the most of the foods. The plantain represents one of the highest sources of energy that we can consume for the best functioning of our organism. What properties does the plantain have? It gives us fiber, vitamins and

Cuban Custard

No doubt this homemade recipe of Cuban custard, is part of the culinary tradition of our island, there is no need to say that we love the desserts. That’s why, we cannot let go the opportunity of let you know step by step for elaborating this sweet delicacy. It does not take too much time