Coffee Flan

coffee flan
Today, we're going to make a coffee flan, a delicious homemade dessert that's very easy to make and turns out super creamy. I adore flans of any flavor, but I must confess that coffee is one of my favorites. If you haven't tried it yet, this is definitely your sign to do so as soon


The tatianoff cake is a very popular dessert in Cuba that we’re sure you’ve tried on many occasions if you were born on the island. It’s almost certain that you’ll like it because it’s a chocolate-flavored sweet delicacy. This is why we have decided to invite you to learn how to prepare this Cuban recipe,

Cremitas de Leche

cremitas de leche receta
Cremitas de leche is one of the Cuban baking delights we can’t resist but to taste. It’s said its popularity was born in Camagüey province and the town of Cascorro the best cremitas de leche in all of Cuba are made. Nevertheless, it’s enjoyed with such a pleasure everywhere in the country by children and

Sponge Cake

Do you remember the tasty Cuban sponge cake you used to eat as a child? That sweet delicacy that made us forget about the outside world made us focus on enjoying it. The best of all, even better than the ones sold in cafeterias, were those made by our mothers and grandmothers. The truth is

Dulce de leche

dulce de leche
Who doesn't like dulce de leche? Children, young people, adults, we all like it, and even more than that, it makes us crazy every time we try it or hear it mentioned. This is a truly exquisite traditional dessert; it is very versatile and enjoyed everywhere in the world. Many may know it as a


The boniatillo recipe is one of the most traditional in Cuba, being a cheap and easy-to-make dessert. Although it has some variants, its base is sweet potatos and sugar, two ingredients that cannot be missed. Some people add honey; others accompany it with grated coconut and some with white cheese, but always using the basic

Guava Jam

mermelada de guayaba
Today we propose you to make this homemade recipe of super delicious and very easy-to-make guava jam. The guava is a tropical fruit that we enjoy most of the year in Cuba, its slightly acidic sweet taste makes it perfect for preparing many pastry recipes. On this occasion we will make a Cuban classic, the


Today we show you the homemade recipe to make delicious and crispy churros in a very short time. In many countries, they are part of a traditional breakfast; their sweet taste with hot chocolate is the perfect combination to start a good day. But you can also eat them as a snack or stuff them

Pumpkin Flan

Pumpkin flan
If you love desserts, certainly you will love this Cuban pumpkin flan recipe. This is another one of the crème caramels we traditionally prepare here on the Island, and it is delicious and very easy to make. Take a look at these kitchen utensils which may be very helpful for this and other recipes. Ahorras $1.00 Imusa


Remembering another of our favorite and traditional recipes, today we present the delicious Cuban mazamorra. Like we have said on other occasions, Cubans like all kinds of preparations, including corn, among their ingredients due to its sweet flavor and because we can prepare a great number of dishes using it. Mazamorra, without a doubt, is

Guava Empanadas

empanadas de guayaba
The Guava empanadas recipe is very easy-to-make and special for holidays or as a dessert for any day of our lives.   They are so irresistible that they might not last too long; once these crunchy and soft pastries are made, with their special guava flavor as filling, they will be gobbled up quickly.  

Coconut Flan

coconut flan
Today we are going to teach you how to make coconut flan, a very easy recipe from which we get a snack that is a delicacy. Its texture is super creamy and it has an intense coconut flavor, two reasons that make it irresistible to prepare. The truth is that this coconut flan recipe is

Chocolate Custard

natilla de chocolate
This chocolate custard recipe is another classic of Cuban baking. It is made with just a few ingredients and in the blink of an eye. Although the original recipe that the Spanish brought to the island is made with eggs, milk and sugar, the version we have made of this dish is far simpler. The

PAPAYA in Syrup

The papaya in syrup is other of the delicacies that we can make easily in Cuba. It is also  part of our gastronomic tradition, so that is very common to get to any home and feel the agreeable aroma of this sweet as soon as we cross the door. The papaya is a tropical fruit

Guava Pie

cuban guava pie
One of the traditional dessert recipe that make crazy to Cuban, is the Guava Pie. The combination of a crunchy pastry with the sweet taste of the guava marmalade is perfect and there is no comparison. Since we were child we have been trying this delicious in Cuba, that is why, we bring you this

Cuban Custard

No doubt this homemade recipe of Cuban custard, is part of the culinary tradition of our island, there is no need to say that we love the desserts. That’s why, we cannot let go the opportunity of let you know step by step for elaborating this sweet delicacy. It does not take too much time

Bread Pudding

Today we propose you to prepare the Cuban bread pudding recipe, a delicious traditional sweet that all of us should taste. This is one of the most prepared and tasted homemade recipe in our island, from generation to generation. Sure, at home your grandma or your mom use to delight to everybody with this delicious

Guava Shells

cascos de guayaba
If we talk about the traditional Cuban desserts, it is obvious that guava shells cannot be missing; they are very nice and easy to make. Guava is a plentiful fruit in Cuba; reach in vitamin c and nutrients, so that its pulp can reduce the levels of LDL in the human organism. Among its different

Cuban Rice Pudding Recipe

One of the most desired Cuban dessert; it is about rice pudding, a traditional recipe, homemade, of easy elaboration and super creamy. After a nice food, there is nothing better than finish with a delicious dessert, all the family and the rest of the guests at home will get perplexed desiring that their ration never


This delicious dessert is the favorite for most of Cuban, it has a very creamy and soft texture that fascinates all people who taste it. It is said that it had aphrodisiac powers, during the medieval period, the true is that we are not sure, what we can state with absolute certainly is that it