Cuban Eggnog

This recipe of Cuban Eggnog is very easy to prepare and the result is a delicious beverage to taste in all occasion. For the most part, it is preferred by women, who opt for something more garter when it comes to celebrating. Ya que podemos consumir este trago todo el día o la noche, según

PAPAYA in Syrup

The papaya in syrup is other of the delicacies that we can make easily in Cuba. It is also  part of our gastronomic tradition, so that is very common to get to any home and feel the agreeable aroma of this sweet as soon as we cross the door. The papaya is a tropical fruit

Green Plantain Fufu

fufu de platano cubano
The green plantain Fufu is one of the simplest Cuban recipes, economical and that perfectly combines with the most of the foods. The plantain represents one of the highest sources of energy that we can consume for the best functioning of our organism. What properties does the plantain have? It gives us fiber, vitamins and

Guava Pie

cuban guava pie
One of the traditional dessert recipe that make crazy to Cuban, is the Guava Pie. The combination of a crunchy pastry with the sweet taste of the guava marmalade is perfect and there is no comparison. Since we were child we have been trying this delicious in Cuba, that is why, we bring you this

Cuban Custard

No doubt this homemade recipe of Cuban custard, is part of the culinary tradition of our island, there is no need to say that we love the desserts. That’s why, we cannot let go the opportunity of let you know step by step for elaborating this sweet delicacy. It does not take too much time

Lamb Stew

how to make lamb stew
This recipe is a delight, especially if it is prepared properly, the lamb stew that today we propose has an intense flavor, a delicious sauce and meat a texture that is easily broken in the mouth. It is  one of the most common food that are prepare in Cuba and that usually passes from generation

Mamey Shake

The mamey shake is one of the recipes that we make the most in Cuba, and it is due to that for many people is our preferable fruit. The mamey has two classifications according to its aspect and color in its inside, keeping with two general varieties: Red mamey: With thick crust and rough of

Cuban Ajiaco

The creole ajiaco is a super delicious dish that all Cuban used to prepare every time we have the chance. Specially, if we are about to prepare a family party so that it is the recipe that for excellence t cannot be missing in this type of celebrations. Besides, because it is part of our

Bread Pudding

Today we propose you to prepare the Cuban bread pudding recipe, a delicious traditional sweet that all of us should taste. This is one of the most prepared and tasted homemade recipe in our island, from generation to generation. Sure, at home your grandma or your mom use to delight to everybody with this delicious