Cuban Pizza

Cuban Pizza
Dare to prepare a delicious and easy homemade Cuban pizza recipe? If your answer is yes, you're in luck because that's our proposal for today. Cuban pizza is characterized by being a very simple recipe since the availability of other ingredients on the island is somewhat limited. But the truth is that the result is

Bread Pudding

Today we propose you to prepare the Cuban bread pudding recipe, a delicious traditional sweet that all of us should taste. This is one of the most prepared and tasted homemade recipe in our island, from generation to generation. Sure, at home your grandma or your mom use to delight to everybody with this delicious

Cuban Sandwich

The recipe of the traditional Cuban sandwich is known worldwide for its exquisite flavor resulting from the combination of roast suckling pig, cheese and ham with other ingredients. This sandwich is the ideal choice for a quick and tasty meal, just imagine how pleasant it would be the crispy sound of toasted bread grilled with