Cuban Pastries with Guava and Cheese: Discover the Cuban Dessert Everyone’s Talking About!

cuban pastries
If you haven't tried Cuban guava and cheese pastries yet, you need to stop right now because you've been missing out on one of the most delicious desserts out there. These guava and cheese pastries are super easy to make, but at the same time, each bite is exquisite with a burst of flavor and ... Read more

Cuban Pizza

Pizza Cubana
Do you dare prepare a delicious and easy homemade Cuban pizza recipe? If your answer is yes, then you’re lucky because that’s just our proposition for you today. Cuban pizza is categorized as a very simple recipe since the availability of other ingredients on the Island is a bit diminished. But the truth is that ... Read more
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Roast Pork Leg Cuban Recipes

Roast pork leg
If there is a mandatory-to-cook recipe for Cuban festivities, it must be roast pork leg. Its intense and delicious flavor, along with its crunchy texture transport us to the paradise of gastronomy, not only Cuban but from all over the world. SUGGESTINGTake a look at these kitchen utensils that we leave below, we recommend them ... Read more

Stuffed Turkey

Stuffed Turkey
Today we are showing you a juicy baked stuffed turkey recipe; an exquisite dish you cannot miss out on. In Cuba, different from other places around the world we usually cook turkey for Christmas instead of doing it during Thanksgiving, since this tradition isn’t precisely something that we celebrate on the Island. Nevertheless, while waiting ... Read more
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Although lasagna is not a typical Cuban recipe, it’s a dish we enjoy frequently and that we are fascinated by. For this reason, it has come to our minds to propose to you on this occasion an easy homemade lasagna recipe so you can enjoy it anytime you’d like. We can assure you it’s mouthwatering ... Read more

Sponge Cake

Do you remember the tasty Cuban sponge cake you used to eat as a child? That sweet delicacy that made us forget about the outside world made us focus on enjoying it. The best of all, even better than the ones sold in cafeterias, were those made by our mothers and grandmothers. The truth is ... Read more

Baked turkey

Baked turkey recipe
Today we will teach you how to prepare the best baked turkey, a recipe that cannot be missed on Thanksgiving Day. The result will be a juicy, delicious and mouthwatering dish. Thanksgiving dinner is a worldwide culinary tradition celebrated in November in countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil and some Caribbean islands including ... Read more

Guava Empanadas

empanadas de guayaba
The Guava empanadas recipe is very easy-to-make and special for holidays or as a dessert for any day of our lives.   They are so irresistible that they might not last too long; once these crunchy and soft pastries are made, with their special guava flavor as filling, they will be gobbled up quickly.   ... Read more

Roast chicken

roast chicken
Roast chicken is a recipe that is prepared very frequently everywhere in Cuba. It is very easy to make and needs very few ingredients; just enough to give a delicious flavor to the chicken so that it can be enjoyed at home. It is an ideal dish for those days when you are expecting visitors, ... Read more
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Guava Pie

cuban guava pie
One of the traditional dessert recipe that make crazy to Cuban, is the Guava Pie. The combination of a crunchy pastry with the sweet taste of the guava marmalade is perfect and there is no comparison. Since we were child we have been trying this delicious in Cuba, that is why, we bring you this ... Read more