Chicken Salad

chicken salad
With this delicious and refreshing chicken salad, I can guarantee you that your summer days will be even more pleasurable. Every time we start a new season, I always get excited thinking about preparing recipes that are perfect for each season. Right now, due to the high temperatures, there’s nothing better than enjoying fresh dishes,


If you are somebody who doesn’t like lentils, after you try this recipe you will surely change your mind. Lentils are vegetables rich in iron, very nutritious, perfect to include with frequency in the diets of children and adults. Its preparation is very easy, so it won’t be bothersome for you to prepare them at

Roast Pork Leg Cuban Recipes

Roast pork leg
If there is a mandatory-to-cook recipe for Cuban festivities, it must be roast pork leg. Its intense and delicious flavor, along with its crunchy texture transport us to the paradise of gastronomy, not only Cuban but from all over the world. SUGGESTINGTake a look at these kitchen utensils that we leave below, we recommend them

Ham Croquettes

croquetas de jamon
Today we’ll prepare ham croquettes, a simple recipe we can enjoy on multiple occasions. In Cuba, we have it as a starter or as a main course, as well as snacks if we’re celebrating something. The thing is that preparing them is so simple. The process is quite similar to the one of preparing chicken

Tamale Casserole

Tamale Casserole
What Cuban person hasn’t tried an exquisite tamale Casserole? Without blinking we can say that this is one of the homemade recipes we like to prepare the most. We can even declare ourselves addicted to all the delicacies derived from corn. This ingredient is part of multiple homemade delicacies that we consume year after year

Baked Pork Tenderloin

Baked pork tenderloin
Do you like Baked pork tenderloin? Keep reading so you can know how to do it Pork tenderloin is a perfect portion to be cooked in the oven, which results in a very juicy roast with an incredible flavor. In Cuba, we usually prepare it on festive days such as birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s days,

Grilled Fish Fillet

filete de pescado a la plancha
Enjoying a delicious and juicy grilled fish fillet is something that we should do more than just once in a blue moon. Not only is it so easy to make fish fillets, but it is also a low-calorie and nutritious dish. The recipe that we bring you today is very simple and quick, perfect for

Pork Rinds

Pork rinds
Who doesn’t like pork rinds? This is one of the recipes we prepare the most in Cuba and enjoy at any time of the year. Pork rinds is a very versatile preparation; we have used it on the Island to accompany other preparations such as rice and black beans and bean stews. But we also

Cuban Frita

frita cubana
Cuban frita is a very popular burger that has been part of the island’s culinary tradition since ancient times. It used to be the typical neighborhood food that everyone had at any time of the day, at breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. It was well known in all the provinces of the country

Fried fish

receta pescado frito
Fried fish is one of the simplest recipes we prepare in Cuba as well as one of the most delicious. There are many ways to cook fish such as fillet, sliced, ceviche, grilled, steamed or baked, but there is no doubt that making it fried highlights its flavor at a high level which it is

Okra stew

Okra stew
Who does not miss the aroma that emerged from the kitchen while mom or grandma used to cook okra stew? Or that catchy rhythm of the popular Chappottin’s song that mentions this vegetable and that it is inevitable to hum while preparing it: ¡Ay! qué sabroso el quimbombó, señores, cocinado con harina, con camaroncito seco

Corn Fritters

frituras de maiz
Cuban corn fritters are without any doubt a perfect snack for any occasion, their sweet taste and crunchy texture makes them irresistible. But we must tell you that, despite being very easy to make, it is necessary to take into consideration some tricks to get the result we expect. We assure you that once you

Stuffed Peppers

pimientos rellenos
The stuffed peppers recipe is one of the most popular vegetable dishes in the world; it is also very versatile. Its preparation has infinite adaptations, almost always corresponding to the culinary culture of the region where it is made. Its flavor is exquisite, perfect for any occasion and time of the year, no matter what

Rabo Encendido

Another one of the most-consumed dishes in Cuba is Rabo encendido, which is why we’re including it here on our most-traditional list. Although it is said that it comes from the Iberian Peninsula, it became very popular on the Island since the arrival of the Spanish. Because of this, our recipe has a bit of

Meat and Potatoes

Meat and potatoes
This meat and potatoes recipe is very traditional so it is very common to consume in any region in Cuba. Its preparation is very simple. The flavor that results from the mixture of its ingredients combined with the tender meat and potatoes is extremely delicious. It is not a coincidence that this is one of the


The homemade meatball recipe we propose to you to prepare today is very easy and quick-to-make. This is a traditional dish we can prepare in minutes and, at the same time, we can enjoy it in different ways. In Cuba, we’ve liked making homemade meatballs for as long we can remember; the memories of our

Eggplant Stew

The Eggplant Stew recipe, or berenjena compuesta like we popularly call it in Cuba, is a dish we love. Its flavor is delicious, its consistency is quite soft, and the best of all is that it is very easy to make. Although some ingredients may vary, this is a very simple recipe, so you will

Stuffed potatoes

Stuffed potatoes
The stuffed potatoes is a recipe we love preparing; its flavor is divine, so it’s impossible to resist the temptation to taste it. In Cuba, if all the needed ingredients are at hand, it will surely be prepared by anyone so that this dish can be enjoyed in the company of family. How to prepare

Baked turkey

Baked turkey recipe
Today we will teach you how to prepare the best baked turkey, a recipe that cannot be missed on Thanksgiving Day. The result will be a juicy, delicious and mouthwatering dish. Thanksgiving dinner is a worldwide culinary tradition celebrated in November in countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil and some Caribbean islands including

BBQ chicken

bbq chicken
This delicious bbq chicken recipe is a Cuban classic, and one of our favorite dishes. It is very easy to make and the flavor you get from the mixture of its ingredients is an explosion of delight. Without a doubt, this recipe is one of the best choices if you want to serve a creole-style

Shrimp Soup

shrimp soup
Shrimp soup is one of the best options if you want to enjoy something hot, light and, at the same time, full of nutrients. Its preparation is very simple, but its taste is marvelous for our palate. In Cuba, shrimp soup had its peak since colonial times when the Spanish and aborigines enjoyed this dish.

Shrimp Cocktail

shrimp cocktail
The shrimp cocktail recipe is another one of our favorites when it comes to enjoying a delicious, quick and easy-to-make snack. The origin of this dish comes from 1941 in a club in Boston, United States. The mixture of flavors became so successful that it spread quickly to other regions in the States. Years later,

Vaca Frita

vaca frita
The Vaca Frita recipe is an essential dish in Cuban gastronomy, very easy-to-make and with an unmistakable and crunchy texture. Its preparation is very similar to the famous Cuban ropa vieja, but with the peculiarity that it needs fewer ingredients. The final result is a dry meat that it is usually served with white rice

Garlic Shrimp

camarones al ajillo
The garlic shrimp recipe, it is very easy to make. This one is one of the dishes that we are accustomed to prepare in Cuba, although its originally from Spain. It became popular in the island after the arrival of the Spanish where both culinary cultures were fused. If we speak about the more popular

Cuban Eggnog

This recipe of Cuban Eggnog is very easy to prepare and the result is a delicious beverage to taste in all occasion. For the most part, it is preferred by women, who opt for something more garter when it comes to celebrating. Ya que podemos consumir este trago todo el día o la noche, según

Lamb Stew

how to make lamb stew
This recipe is a delight, especially if it is prepared properly, the lamb stew that today we propose has an intense flavor, a delicious sauce and meat a texture that is easily broken in the mouth. It is  one of the most common food that are prepare in Cuba and that usually passes from generation

Cuban Black Beans

frijoles negros
No doubt, that the black beans soup is a part of our culture, and it is not a coincidence that this is one of the recipe that we make the most. In fact, the majority of us have the delicious black beans soup within the list of our preferable foods. It is a traditional dish

Malanga Fritters

Malanga Fritters
A delicious malanga Fritters are the perfect combination for any dish derive from the Cuban food. Smalls, but delicious, that if we have them in our hands, lead us into temptation of never finish. How to Make Malanga Fritters24 April, 2018DailisWe detail in simple steps how to make some Cuban malanga frittersPrep Time5 minCook Time10

Cuban Ropa Vieja

ropa vieja cubana
The authentic ropa vieja recipe to the Cuban style, it is a simple and a very nice dish, although the majority of the time use to prepare this delicious dish, is in the process of flaking the meat. We assure you that it is worth to wait because the result is delicious, so now let’s