casabe recipe
Have you prepared casabe previously? Would you like to know how to make it? What do you think of us teaching you today how to prepare traditional casabe made of yucca? The casabe of yucca is a millenarian food which has been consumed since the time of the indigenous. Its ancient popularity belongs to other
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The boniatillo recipe is one of the most traditional in Cuba, being a cheap and easy-to-make dessert. Although it has some variants, its base is sweet potatos and sugar, two ingredients that cannot be missed. Some people add honey; others accompany it with grated coconut and some with white cheese, but always using the basic

Malanga in Garlic Mojo

Malanga in garlic mojo
Malanga is a tuber with great benefits to our health, from which we can prepare a great number of recipes like this one that we propose on our website: malanga in garlic mojo. There are many other ways of consuming malanga such as a puree, fried malanga, or added in soups; the important thing is

Yuca with Mojo

cuban yuca with mojo recipe
Cubans love having yuca with mojo, especially on special days such as the holidays at the end of the year. It is the essential and perfect accompaniment to any dish with a Caribbean style and spirit. Yuca is very common on the Island, that is why it is not a problem to get it and

Green Plantain Fufu

fufu de platano cubano
The green plantain Fufu is one of the simplest Cuban recipes, economical and that perfectly combines with the most of the foods. The plantain represents one of the highest sources of energy that we can consume for the best functioning of our organism. What properties does the plantain have? It gives us fiber, vitamins and

Cuban Ajiaco

The creole ajiaco is a super delicious dish that all Cuban used to prepare every time we have the chance. Specially, if we are about to prepare a family party so that it is the recipe that for excellence t cannot be missing in this type of celebrations. Besides, because it is part of our

Malanga Fritters

Malanga Fritters
A delicious malanga Fritters are the perfect combination for any dish derive from the Cuban food. Smalls, but delicious, that if we have them in our hands, lead us into temptation of never finish. How to Make Malanga Fritters24 April, 2018DailisWe detail in simple steps how to make some Cuban malanga frittersPrep Time5 minCook Time10