Pumpkin Flan

Pumpkin flan
If you love desserts, certainly you will love this Cuban pumpkin flan recipe. This is another one of the crème caramels we traditionally prepare here on the Island, and it is delicious and very easy to make. Take a look at these kitchen utensils which may be very helpful for this and other recipes. Ahorras $1.00 Imusa

Guava Empanadas

empanadas de guayaba
The Guava empanadas recipe is very easy-to-make and special for holidays or as a dessert for any day of our lives.   They are so irresistible that they might not last too long; once these crunchy and soft pastries are made, with their special guava flavor as filling, they will be gobbled up quickly.  

Coconut Flan

coconut flan
Today we are going to teach you how to make coconut flan, a very easy recipe from which we get a snack that is a delicacy. Its texture is super creamy and it has an intense coconut flavor, two reasons that make it irresistible to prepare. The truth is that this coconut flan recipe is

Chocolate Custard

natilla de chocolate
This chocolate custard recipe is another classic of Cuban baking. It is made with just a few ingredients and in the blink of an eye. Although the original recipe that the Spanish brought to the island is made with eggs, milk and sugar, the version we have made of this dish is far simpler. The