Moros y Cristianos

moros y cristianos
Moros y cristianos es another culinary tradition that hails from the influence of the Spanish in Cuba. Oftentimes it is confused with arroz congrí, since the names of these recipes change based on regions, but this is incorrect. The fact that it is called moros y cristianos or congrí doesn’t have anything to do with ... Read more

Rice with Pork

rice with pork
This rice with pork recipe cannot be missed in your cookbook, because it’s perfect to enjoy a simple and fast but quite delicious meal. There is no possible way you can fail when preparing this recipe. The combination of the rice with the pork is simply an explosion of flavor and texture. In Cuba and ... Read more

Okra Rice

Okra rice
Prepare this delicious and simple okra rice recipe, a different way to enjoy both of these ingredients. It has a great aroma and its flavor won’t let you down, so if you love this vegetable you can’t miss today’s recipe. It’s ideal to have it either at lunch or dinner, accompanied by a fresh salad, ... Read more

Cuban Rice

arroz a la cubana
Cuban rice is quite a simple recipe, well known and tasted worldwide. Although, inside of Cuba it is not usually called this way, it’s better known as rice with egg and a ripe plantain. In spite of being a typical dish of Cuban gastronomy, this rice is had traditionally in the Spanish region of the ... Read more

Fried Rice

fried rice
Fried rice is a recipe that will never let you down if you want to surprise everyone with a delicious and quick-to-make meal. The advantage of this dish is that you can prepare it using a vast variety of ingredients, in small amounts and you can always do without one or more of them; and, ... Read more

White Rice

hacer arroz blanco
The white rice is a classic, not alone of the Cuban cooking but internationally, a recipe that can never lack. Its preparation is very simple and quick, with very few ingredients, but in spite of this it is necessary to keep in mind some tricks. Today we show you the secret to cook a loose ... Read more

Cuban Rice Pudding Recipe

One of the most desired Cuban dessert; it is about rice pudding, a traditional recipe, homemade, of easy elaboration and super creamy. After a nice food, there is nothing better than finish with a delicious dessert, all the family and the rest of the guests at home will get perplexed desiring that their ration never ... Read more

Red Beans and Rice Cuban Recipe

receta congri
Although it is said that this dish, is originally from Africa, it is a Cuban staple. The combination of white rice and red beans. It is serving in some meals at the time of celebrating important events. Cuban love Rice and Beans, that is why, we love it, besides it is perfectly adapted to some ... Read more