Natural Yogurt

Would you like to know how to make natural yogurt in an easy way? The truth is that this is a simple recipe that doesn’t need too much ingredients.

From now on, we won’t ever need to worry that we’re running out of yogurt and we need to buy more because now we can make at home a delicious, creamy and fast yogurt.

Another advantage of learning how to make natural yogurt is that we’ll be enjoying a totally healthy product and in the same way we avoid consuming it processed using ingredients we don’t need that might hurt our health in the long run.

The recipe we’ll prepare today will be the base for every kind of flavored yogurt you’d like to make in the future.

You only need to know some tricks so the result will be perfect. If you have children at home, certainly they’ll love if you prepare this recipe for them over and over again.

How to make homemade yogurt?

To make homemade yogurt you won’t need hard-to-find ingredients or sophisticated utensils or machines.

It’ll be enough with only two ingredients: milk and just a bit of natural yogurt without sugar that will work to ferment.

What about the process? It’s easier than you think, but first let’s clarify what kind of milk you need and why.

The milk is better if it’s fresh and straight from the animal because it perfectly conserves the valuable biological proteins since it isn’t pasteurized like many others.

However, you can perfectly use whole powdered milk because due to the higher level of grease it has, we’ll get a creamier yogurt.

Skim milk or reduced-fat milk can also be used, but the texture will change a lot and it won’t be that creamy.

In the same way, you can opt for mixing the liquid milk with some powdered milk so it gets thicker. It all depends on your preferences.

As we previously said, for the fermentation we’ll use some natural yogurt without sugar or added flavorings which will help to create the needed bacteria in the elaboration.

Once you’ve prepared your first homemade natural yogurt, you can use the stock culture you get, or madre as we say in Cuba, to make the next ones.

Sadly, this process is not eternal, since you’ll be able to use it only 4 times, because after that you’ll only get a product that doesn’t settle and is too acidic.

On the other hand, there is a process that basically consists of boiling the milk, and if it’s fresh let it cool down a bit until it’s warm to mix it with the ferment.

If the milk is not fresh, let it heat for a couple of minutes without letting it boil, otherwise we’ll kill the bacteria.

Lastly, we only need to set our mixture to provide the fermentation and make the yogurt.

Let’s see now the proportions of the ingredients we’ll use as well as the step-step instructions to make homemade natural yogurt.

Natural Yogurt Recipe

homemade yogurt

Discover how to make homemade natural yogurt with only 2 ingredients and 3 simple steps, an ideal option to enjoy anytime at home.

  • Prep Time6 hr
  • Cook Time10 min
  • Total Time6 hr 10 min
  • Yield1 Recipient
  • Serving Size100g
  • Energy61 cal

Yogurt Ingredients

  • A liter of whole milk
  • 250 grams of natural yogurt without sugar

Prepare Homemade Natural Yogurt


First, heat the milk on medium heat for about 10 minutes. The adequate temperature for milk is 46ºC tops. If you don’t have a cooking thermometer, just put in your little finger and count to 10. You’ll feel it get warm but it won’t burn you.


Remove it from the stove. Pour a small portion to mix it with the yogurt in another bowl.


When there are no lumps, pour this mixture with the rest of the milk and keep stirring so they integrate well.


Cover up the top or take it to another container and cover it up with a towel or a thick and black cloth so it can conserve its temperature.


Then, place the wrapped container in a warm and dry place. It can be inside a closet, the oven or a cupboard.


Let it rest without touching it for 5 or 6 hours. You can also leave it there the whole night.


After this time, remove the cloth and without stirring take it to the fridge for 4 hours so it gets the creamy consistency we want.


After that, we’ll be able to enjoy our delicious homemade natural yogurt.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • 4 servings per container
  • Serving Size100g
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories61
  • % Daily Value*
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