Cuban Recipes of Traditional Food for New Year’s eve

recetas fin de año

New Year’s Eve is coming, one of the most expected festivity date in Cuba and all over the World.

We, Cubans already begin to perceive on the Street a different environment and we all go out to look for the necessary ingredients for the most expected dinner of the year.

The perfect chance to get all the Family together, even those who live out of the country try to be in Cuba for this date with their family.

It is precisely when the moving begin, to avoid that something miss in the big party of this last period of 365 days.

Each Cuban, no matter the possibility we have, keep the best to celebrate.

In a way or another, that day, the portion of roasted suckling cannot be missing on the table, something that we all expect to taste.

Do you know what you need for the traditional Year’s Eve dinner to the Cuban Style?

We tell you each of the most important things to celebrate this date in Cuba or out of Cuba.

In our Web, you can find each of the recipes that here we speak about and many other that will be very useful for you.

Now, let’s begin with the necessary for our typical Cuban dinner.

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Certainly, this time we cannot forget the delicious rice and black beans, the perfect combination to eat with roasted suckling, to the oven, grill or pua like traditionally we use to do in the island.

To make a Cuban dinner, it is a habit to accompany it with fried plantain, which are the most common, although you can also use ripe fried plantain.

We also like to eat viands, and here the favorite is the cassava with garlic and oil – based sauce.

Salad should be also presented in our New Year‘s Eve dinner, most of us choose to make a mixing salad.

This way, we pleased to everybody, just in case not all of them share the same preferences.

In this case, then we choice tomatoes, avocado, onions, lettuce, and everything we like to make a delicious mixing salad.

Finally, we include a delicious dessert to continue with the tradition; you can choice it according to your preference and your guests.

With all these, our New Year’s Eve dinner is ready, a delicacy that all Cubans eager wait for

Do not forget to look for something to drink the whole day, beer, rum or another drink you wish without forgetting the bottle of cider to drink a toast at 12 o’ clock.

Something is missing, and it is to dance with the rhythm of the good music, something that in a Cuban is never missing, especially in celebrations like this one.

Let’s enjoy all together, let’s embrace to our friends, neighbor, and let’s make a good use of the opportunity of these Christmas’s festivities.

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